Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Taken it easy

I have not been able to post here. So, I have been posting on my other page.

Here are some pic from Kyle Batcher party/Fishing trip after the race in Florida.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

DeathCamp Weekend 4/26/2008

I am still alive.

Mellowdrome Cup Race Group night #2

I got up early this morning and headed down to the track for my workout today. It was time to see if I am making any headway on the bike. I did an functional threshold power test or FTP. The protocol is a good warm-up with some pick ups and a 5 min effort, then a recovery and endurance pace for 10 minutes. Then it is 20 minutes all out. I did improve a bit and I am up to 342w, I still have some work to do. I would like to be up to 375 by Ironman Florida.

After a long day at the office, I headed back to the track. It was a typical bunch night at the Mellowdrome. First up as always the scratch race, 12 laps winner is who ever crosses the line first. We bet up on the other guys last week, and only Chris Emory from Bio Wheels showed up to play. I jump started the group at the whistle and they quickly were on. Josh countered my attack then Ryan Emory Attacked. Being out all alone this was a gutsy move. He could not catch Josh and we work together to keep them in touch the whole race. With 7 laps to go, we caught them and tried to blow by them, but Chris was able to get back on. We sat up for a lap and I was given them some room, to get some momentum to pass on the bell lap and they jumped just before I caught them. I could not make up the gap and Chris held on for 3rd.

Next up was the tempo race. 1st gets 2 pts and 2nd gets 1 pt every lap. They moved a couple of the B guys up that need to be with us anyway, Jason Sprouse and Chris Otahal, who are plenty strong enough to hang. I went after the first couple and tried to stay on. But, a gap opened and I was unable to close it. I spent the whole race 10ft off the wheel in front of me, not good…

Last was the points race, I was doing pretty good for a while then I got caught making a big effort and then Chris attacked and I was off the back for a sprint lap. I was not to far off the back and Chris and Jason were with me, and Jason was just sitting in waited for everyone to be winded. He made his move after the 3 sprint lap 13. I had just pulled him back and I new everyone would not be able to jump on after that sprint. I tried to jump and did not quit get on his wheel, I had jumped a second to late and it cost me 2 bike lengths. I held that 2 bike lengths for 2 laps, then he pulled away, the rest of the group had sat up and let us go. I held on for the 4th sprint then when back to the field and limped home.